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Microhardness Tester

Contact: 1. Pete Teertstra (519 888-4567 x35610 or Email)
   2. Rick Culham (519 888-4567 x33839 or Email)
Location: Engineering 3, Room 2117


The LECO DM400LF Bench-Type Microhardness Tester (shown) is a manually-operated device with nine-preset indenter loads between 15 and 2000 g. The test bed also allows heated specimens, up to 200 oC, to be tested.

The Shimadzu Bench-Type Microhardness Tester is a semi-automatic hardness tester fitted with a Vickers pyramidal indenter with 11 preset indenter loads between 5 and 2000 g. The loading is fully automatic and the loads can be placed on the indenter for a period ranging from 5 to 60 s.